NACPC Announces General Rate Increase – Effective January 1, 2024

Dear valued partners,

At the North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC), our dedication to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations remains unwavering.

NACPC has consistently delivered on our promise of quality equipment through our “at-cost” pricing model, supporting the intermodal community’s evolving needs.

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our services and maintain the high standards you’ve come to expect, we are announcing a General Rate Increase (GRI) effective January 1, 2024.

Region Effective January 1, 2024
Memphis, Nashville, Huntsville $20.00
O.N.E. (MCCP) $22.50
Houston, Mobile, New Orleans*** $18.50
Kansas City, St. Louis $22.00
Chicago**** $19.25
New Jersey, New York**** $22.95
Charleston, Savannah**** $18.50

Above applies to Standard Equipment.

*** Discounts apply at Day 30. $3.00 less back to Day 1. 

**** Discount applies at Day 15. $17.95/day back to Day 1. 


Please contact us with any questions at 615-208-7303 (Option #1), or visit our website at


NACPC Announces General Rate Increase – Effective January 1, 2023

To our valued partners:

In the current demanding supply chain environment, investing in our chassis fleet expansion, and providing the best chassis leadership in the intermodal industry continue to be our goals.

The partnership of The North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC), and Pratt Intermodal Chassis (PIC), allows us to supply a new, modern chassis product with all the features you expect.

As we continue responding to your chassis needs, we are announcing a General Rate Increase (GRI). Effective January 1, 2023, NACPC, the North American Chassis Pool Cooperative will implement a Rate Increase (“GRI”) on its Shared Pool and Premium Chassis products.

Please refer to our pricing page, for full details.

The North American Chassis Pool Cooperative Expands Partnership with PowerFleet to Use Real-Time Data to Ease Port Congestion and Improve Intermodal Operations

The Renewed Relationship Aims to Strengthen NACPC’s Smart Technology Offerings

WOODCLIFF LAKE, NJ – August 15, 2022 – PowerFleet, Inc. (Nasdaq: PWFL) a global leader of Internet-of-Things (IoT solutions) that manage enterprise assets for seamless business operations, today announced the renewal and expansion of its partnership with North American Chassis Pool Cooperative, LLC (NACPC). Following its recent acquisition of manufacturer Pratt Intermodal Chassis, NACPC has chosen PowerFleet as one of its major technology partners for chassis tracking and monitoring, which enables NACPC to address the extraordinary demand for high-quality chassis with the latest technology to help relieve pressure at ports across the country.

The partnership will increase real-time visibility within NACPC’s nation-wide network of chassis pools and products, helping customers maximize their equipment utilization. Together with PowerFleet, NACPC is looking to provide its customers with increased value and security, particularly within first and last mile visibility. By offering chassis monitoring solutions and data integration, NACPC increases its revenue opportunities as the need for chassis grows.

“What makes PowerFleet stand out has always been their responsiveness, creativity, problem-solving mindset to provide innovative solutions for our industry’s challenges and improvement opportunities,” said Jeffrey Dudenhefer, Chief Operating Officer of NACPC. “Investing in smart technologies has always been a priority of ours. In addition to their reliable hardware, we can greatly improve our data integration capabilities with their innovative software platform. PowerFleet offers one of the best product solutions in the market. NACPC is excited to bring this technology to our customers, working together with PowerFleet to bring forward additional smart chassis solutions to our industry.”

“We’re thrilled to continue our long-standing relationship with NACPC as they scale up their chassis technology solutions with us,” said Matt Harris, Vice President of Account Management, PowerFleet. “We’re proud to work alongside the team at NACPC to come up with the right solutions to address their customers’ most important challenge – finding available chassis to keep cargo moving along the supply chain.”

To learn more about PowerFleet’s solutions, visit


About PowerFleet

PowerFleet® Inc. (NASDAQ: PWFL; TASE: PWFL) is a global leader of subscription-based wireless solutions that secure, control, track, and manage high-value enterprise assets. PowerFleet’s patented technologies are the proven solution for organizations that must monitor and analyze their assets to improve safety, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and drive profitability. Our offerings are sold under the global brands PowerFleet, Pointer, and Cellocator. PowerFleet’s global headquarters are in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, with additional offices around the globe. For more information, please visit, the content of which does not form a part of this press release.

PowerFleet Investor Contact

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Gateway Investor Relations

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PowerFleet Media Contact

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NACPC Announces General Rate Increase – Effective March 15, 2022

To our valued partners:

The North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC) continues to respond to our customers’ needs.

Our continued commitment in provide quality equipment with our “at-cost” pricing model is unwavering, and our objective of keeping chassis use cost competitive, remains unchanged.

As we continue to respond to our customers’ needs with new chassis, we are announcing a General Rate Increase (GRI) effective March 15, 2022.

The NACPC Shared Chassis Pool

NACPC/CCM Shared Chassis Pool Area Merchant Haulage (MH) Rate
Effective March 15, 2022 
Mid-South Consolidated – MCCP Memphis, Nashville, (Huntsville), TN $19.00
Mid-South Consolidated – MCCP Ocean Network Express $22.50
Mid-West Consolidated – MWCP Kansas City & St. Louis, MO $20.00
South Atlantic Consolidated – SACP GA, NC, SC, FL $18.50
South Atlantic Consolidated – SACP Hapag Lloyd $22.00

Sales tax applicable to services.

Pricing does not include any applicable taxes
Please contact us with any questions
Email |

Manufacturing Supply Chain CEOs

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NACPC Acquires Pratt Industries Intermodal Line of Business

Nashville, TN (December 6, 2021) – The North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC) today announced the acquisition of Pratt Industries Intermodal Chassis. The company, now named “Pratt Intermodal Chassis, LLC.,” will operate as a subsidiary of NACPC.

“This acquisition sets NACPC – and our customers – up for success for years to come,” said Dave Manning, President & CEO, NACPC. “Our goal is and always has been to provide at-cost pricing of high-quality chassis to customers throughout the United States. Bringing this critical manufacturing component under our control allows us to achieve that goal, especially in such a demanding supply chain environment. We’re looking forward to what this means for relieving pressure at ports across the country and supplying our customers with the best available product. We have struggled to meet our customers chassis needs this year because of the lack of chassis production availability. Owning our own chassis manufacturing company will allow us the ability to meet our customer’s needs.”

In addition to acquiring the Pratt inventory and infrastructure, NACPC will also own, operate, and maintain the chassis manufacturing facility, located in Niles, Michigan, providing customers with a vertically integrated intermodal solution and NACPC with real-time insights and data about production, quantities, and quality of equipment. The facility currently is capable of producing 5,000 chassis per year. NACPC has plans to invest heavily in streamlining facility operations and ramping up production capabilities to produce up to 7,000 chassis in 2022.

“This new chapter for NACPC gives us better control of the operations and logistics of providing premium chassis to our customers,” said Jeffrey Dudenhefer, Executive Vice President, NACPC. “At this time, especially with the challenges the entire industry is facing, it made strategic sense for the company to bring chassis production under NACPC. We’re proud of the team who facilitated all of the behind-the-scenes of the acquisition process.”

Pratt was founded in 1973 by Bill Pratt and his father, Bob Pratt. Today, the company has a worldwide reputation for high-quality equipment and its chassis can be found in every major fleet in the United States. Nashville-based private equity firm, LFM Capital, acquired Pratt Industries in 2018 and will retain the company’s large custom and specialty utility trailer business based in Bridgman, Michigan.


Built For the Intermodalist – Whitepaper

The intermodal industry has changed dramatically over the past ten years. As American companies capitalize on the global marketplace and import more goods into the country from its major trading partners in countries including: China, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Europe, and many others, the demand for marine chassis from shippers has increased. For 2018, imports increased 7.5% from 2017 to $3.12 trillion*. Beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) have received a considerable amount of pressure applied to their supply chains – everything from driver shortages to government regulation (i.e. electronic logging device [ELD] mandate) and tariffs.

Even with these challenges, an often-overlooked component of the intermodal supply chain solution has been chassis. Everything from access (capacity issues, inventory supply & demand and a network that varies region to region) to the quality (new, old, & refurbished), of the equipment that are being utilized – chassis play a critical role in a company’s bottom line and overall efficiency when moving goods across the nation.

By pulling the collective resources of the members to provide intermodal chassis, NACPC is able to offer at-cost pricing, which provides trucking companies significant savings compared to the competition.


Download the whitepaper 


Memphis-grown IMC helps ‘move the needle’ on critical piece of supply chain

It takes time to reinvent the wheels that move boxloads of imported goods that stock the shelves of retailers like Walmart and Target.

If it weren’t for wheeled intermodal chassis, those shipping containers couldn’t move from rail yards to distribution centers, which makes them a hot commodity among specialists in the container hauling, or drayage business, such as Memphis-based IMC Companies.

“In many ways that trucking piece, that first mile, last mile, is so taken for granted. And those wheels are taken for granted,” said Donna Lemm, executive vice president of sales at IMC Companies.

Shortages of quality chassis have been blamed for heaping more stress on already beleaguered truckers, stranding products at intermodal yards for days and jacking up costs for shippers. It’s more of an issue in Memphis than other places because the area is a leading distribution center and home to five intermodal railroad terminals.

A sea change in the industry – ocean shipping companies divesting the chassis business – set off a scramble to control the chassis supply earlier this decade. Before 2010, the chassis and container were considered a single asset provided by the ocean lines.

A dozen firms, including IMC Companies, banded together to create a potential new paradigm: a nonprofit pool for supplying intermodal chassis, known as the North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC).

IMC chairman Mark George described the fledgling NACPC pool in 2013 as an alternative to letting leasing companies dictate supplies and prices of chassis.

Lemm said, “As leaders in the trucking community, IMC is the largest drayage provider in the United States. We’re trying to provide solutions. That’s why NACPC came together. So far it’s proving to be one of the most certainly viable solutions that’s been presented since this unbundling (of containers and chassis) a few years ago.”

The cooperative initially supplied about 1,300 chassis in the Memphis region, where there were an estimated 20,000 chassis in use at the time, out of a nationwide supply of 500,000.

The nonprofit’s Mid-South Chassis Consolidated Pool, which also serves the Nashville and Huntsville, Alabama markets, has grown to 5,780 chassis. Its primary for-profit competitors in the Memphis market include TRAC Intermodal and Direct ChassisLink Inc. (DCLI).

Safer, lower cost option for moving containers?

Proponents believe the industry’s needs could be better met by wider adoption of a nonprofit model that provides up-to-date equipment with the latest safety features at a 30-40 percent discount compared to for-profit providers.

“We believe our solution is the right solution,” Lemm said. “Is it perfect? No. We certainly have our issues. One of the issues that we’re facing today is that we still have these three pools in Memphis. They’re competing pools. We have an issue today with supply, and because we’re only one of three providers, it’s very difficult for us to provide true solutions to everybody,” Lemm said.

The latest entries were ports of Georgia and South Carolina, which chose NACPC to operate the Southern States Chassis Pool last year.

Port officials said they hoped to increase supply, improve quality and control costs, ultimately boosting capacity to handle growth in containerized freight in the Southeast.

“… These two major ports came together and said, ‘I need one manager, I need accountability. We need chassis when we need them, where we need them,’ ” Lemm said.

The Memphis pool began with a mix of new and used chassis. It has since been standardized with all new or refurbished equipment with radial tires, anti-lock brakes, LED lighting and other safety features. The average chassis in the U.S. is 20 years old, Lemm said.

IMC Chassis Services refurbishes chassis in a shop at its Brooks Road depot west of Memphis International Airport.

Equipment issues hit home for drivers

Safer equipment helps trucking companies attract and retain drivers during a time of increasing competition for personnel.

Lemm recalled riding along with a company driver who was searching for a chassis to pick up a container. “We come across a NACPC chassis and my driver says, ‘You know every time I get a NACPC chassis, it’s like Christmas.’ ”

“I said ‘Why?’ He said ‘Because I’ve got six kids. You know on a hot day in Memphis it’s 100 degrees. I want to be driving one with new tires, I need radial tires, I need anti-lock brakes.’ It was certainly something that hit home. I’m very mindful of the need to have quality chassis on the road,” Lemm said.

In addition to safety concerns, chassis supply affects drivers and their employers in productivity. With strict limits on hours drivers can be behind the wheel, the amount of time they spend looking for a chassis cuts into time available to actually move containers from Point A to Point B.

Chassis supply issues, along with tighter reins on drivers, were blamed last winter for widespread groundings of intermodal containers at yards in Memphis and Chicago.

The national pool owns about 18,000 chassis spread across seven regions, all east of the Rocky Mountains. It hasn’t yet cracked the West Coast market and the busy port of Los Angeles/Long Beach.

Trade conflict pushing volume surge

FedEx Logistics president and chief executive Richard W. Smith said the glut of ocean freight flowing to the Los Angeles area has been pronounced as companies have tried to stay ahead of a trade conflict between the U.S. and China.

The BNSF, Union Pacific and CN railroads, which all operate major intermodal yards in the Memphis area, are major movers of container freight arriving from Asia at Pacific ports.

The surge in freight could portend another logjam at inland intermodal facilities such as Memphis.

“There was an incredibly strong demand into the U.S. ahead of the originally planned January tariff, even though it was rolled back,” Smith told the Memphis World Trade Club on Jan. 22. “We may see that again if the same situation arises in the next couple months.”

Lemm said, “We’ve heard the argument we only have chassis shortages on occasion. ‘It’s a one off.’ The truth of the matter is our industry is pretty cyclical. We believe that these issues of volume not meeting demand, these are systemic challenges.

“The issue today is totally exacerbated by this surge of volume, but our contention is, we’re going into weather, we’re going into Chinese New Year. This isn’t going away,” Lemm said.

“What happens when we have a surge of equipment, a surge of containers as we do right now? We’ve got a lot of imports moving in, to beat, at the time, the tariffs, and you have a finite pool (of chassis),” Lemm said.

“I will tell you with all the best forecasting and communication in the world, it’s very challenging to continue to meet the demand,” she said.

“That’s why we believe if we’re able to have choice, if we’re able to continue to go in with our own chassis, with the emphasis on us as truckers, us as shippers, to be able to control our own destiny. That’s where we’re moving. That’s certainly what we’ve been so vocal about. But in the meantime, we’re moving the needle,” Lemm said.


SOURCE: Daily Memphian

Sam Farruggio

Member Spotlight – Farruggio’s Express

NACPC – Founded by Draymen for Draymen

For nearly a century, the goal of Farruggio’s Express has been simple: Do it right the first time. Sam Farruggio, President of the Bristol, Pennsylvania-based trucking and transportation company shares what sets NACPC apart from other gray pools in our latest Member Spotlight.

Tell us about Farruggio’s Express. What is unique about the company?

Our company was founded in 1920 by my grandfather who came over from Italy in 1907 to Ellis Island. I am a third generation Farruggio and have been with the company since 1969. We have the fourth generation with us since the mid 90s. We began our intermodal work many years ago as the container was born we were already serving the Eastern Ports. We all work to promote safety and provide the best value for our customers. After almost 100 years, we feel safety brings out the best.

Why are chassis pools important to the trucking industry?

We need to develop a better chassis to improve the safety of the industry. We need to bring a better mode to improve the operations of draymen and help improve turn times for drivers and customers, especially as the driver market shrinks.

As a member of NACPC, what benefits have you seen?

The quality of the equipment provides safer movement of cargo. It provides the driver with a feeling that he can make it to delivery without fearing a failure. NACPC equipment is setting the standard that all the larger leasing companies are following. And is allowing the cargo owners to feel safer that the goods they are waiting to arrive or ship will arrive in a state-of-the art unit.

What sets NACPC apart from the other gray pools?

It was founded by draymen for draymen and creates a safer and more equitable chassis for all to use.

What advice would you offer a company looking to join NACPC?

I believe you just need to see the equipment and talk to the team and you will find it’s a win-win for everyone.





NACPC Adds 1,000 New Chassis to Fleet in SACP to Accommodate Growing Demand for Equipment

Nashville, TN (May 23, 2018) – Due to growing demand, The North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC) is announcing the addition of 1,000 units to the South Atlantic Chassis Pool (SACP). These are all CIMC constructed chassis with LED lights, ABS, and OEM Radial tires and will all be operational by June 1st, 2018.

The new chassis would be an addition to the current pool operated by Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) in SACP, which services a large region from Wilmington, North Carolina, to Jacksonville, and West to Atlanta.


The North American Chassis Pool Cooperative, or NACPC, was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing a modern fleet of chassis to users with at cost pricing. The cooperative is committed to supporting the U.S. intermodal container network with an efficient chassis inventory. Use of NACPC chassis is open to all qualified motor carriers.

Contributory “gray pools” allow users to draw any chassis from the pool regardless of ownership. The contributory pool model thus eliminates duplicative costs and maximizes the use of limited space at port and or inland intermodal locations by obviating the need for a contributor to have its own chassis storage facility. It also ensures an adequate supply of chassis for all users.

Contributory gray pools foster competition by allowing motor carrier users to select from more than one chassis provider.

The pool managers are responsible for chassis logistics, inventory supply, maintenance and repair and the repositioning of the chassis, but usage arrangements are determined between the chassis contributor and its user.

Currently, NACPC operates more than 20,000 chassis in five CCM managed pools; MCCP, COCP, MWCP, GCCP and SACP as well as the new OCEAN-N pool; governed by FlexiVan and NACPC, where data is managed by CCM and M& R is managed by FlexiVan.