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Member Spotlight – Farruggio’s Express

NACPC – Founded by Draymen for Draymen

For nearly a century, the goal of Farruggio’s Express has been simple: Do it right the first time. Sam Farruggio, President of the Bristol, Pennsylvania-based trucking and transportation company shares what sets NACPC apart from other gray pools in our latest Member Spotlight.

Tell us about Farruggio’s Express. What is unique about the company?

Our company was founded in 1920 by my grandfather who came over from Italy in 1907 to Ellis Island. I am a third generation Farruggio and have been with the company since 1969. We have the fourth generation with us since the mid 90s. We began our intermodal work many years ago as the container was born we were already serving the Eastern Ports. We all work to promote safety and provide the best value for our customers. After almost 100 years, we feel safety brings out the best.

Why are chassis pools important to the trucking industry?

We need to develop a better chassis to improve the safety of the industry. We need to bring a better mode to improve the operations of draymen and help improve turn times for drivers and customers, especially as the driver market shrinks.

As a member of NACPC, what benefits have you seen?

The quality of the equipment provides safer movement of cargo. It provides the driver with a feeling that he can make it to delivery without fearing a failure. NACPC equipment is setting the standard that all the larger leasing companies are following. And is allowing the cargo owners to feel safer that the goods they are waiting to arrive or ship will arrive in a state-of-the art unit.

What sets NACPC apart from the other gray pools?

It was founded by draymen for draymen and creates a safer and more equitable chassis for all to use.

What advice would you offer a company looking to join NACPC?

I believe you just need to see the equipment and talk to the team and you will find it’s a win-win for everyone.





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