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Member Spotlight – Triple G Express

Triple G Express has been synonymous with Louisiana trucking for four generations. Founded as Southeastern Motor Freight, Inc. in 1945 by Aswell Pitre and later expanding in 1985 with Triple G Express (founded by Pitre’s son-in-law Elmo Guillot and sons Randy and Glen), the family-owned company continues to grow, serving the Gulf Coast all the way up the East Coast and everywhere in between.

We recently spoke with Randy Guillot, President of Triple G Express, about the importance of chassis pools and why joining NACPC is the obvious choice.


Tell us a little more about Triple G Express. What does the “Triple G” stand for? 

It’s the three Guillots – my father Elmo, my brother Glen, and I.  We have two locations – Jefferson, Louisiana and Port Allen, Louisiana. We are one of the largest intermodal carriers serving the Port of Louisiana. We have about 100 independent contractors and 25 employees.


Let’s talk about the overall concept of chassis pools. Why are they important to the trucking industry?  

The competition with chassis providers is integrally important to the industry, to motor carriers and shippers. NACPC is a different type of provider, going on an at-cost basis and making sure we’ve got good, safe equipment for customers.


What benefits has your company seen by joining NACPC?

The availability of equipment in New Orleans. We’ve got premium product here in Louisiana as NACPC. The relationship with all chassis providers seems to be enhanced by a relationship with NACPC. We have premium product on site at the Port of New Orleans – at the waterfront. This is new and happened within the last six months. It’s very convenient, shaving off time and expense.


Advice for a company looking to join NACPC? 

I would say that they should look into the services and prices. It’s absolutely the most competitive in the industry.

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