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    NACPC Premium Chassis: Lookup Tool

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    1. Enter chassis number (e.g. NAPZ800326)
    2. The Pool will be identified as an abbreviation in the “Pool” column (e.g. GPCP for Houston Premium Chassis, SPCP for Savannah Premium Chassis)

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    NACPC Premium Chassis Pool Subscriber Rate - Day 1
    Effective: April 1, 2021 
    Subscriber Rate - Day 30
    Effective: April 1, 2021 
    OCEAN - NY/NJ $20.95**** $15.95****
    CMC Charleston, South Carolina $16.00 $13.00
    Upon Request, Mobile, Alabama $17.00 $14.00
    CMC Savannah, Georgia $16.00 $13.00
    Cooper/Ports America (Chassis Yard), Houston, Texas $17.00 $14.00
    Ports America, New Orleans, LA $17.00 $14.00
    ConGlobal Industries, Forestview, IL (Chicago) $17.00 $14.00

    Sales tax to services where applicable.


    Discounts apply at Day 30. $3.00 less back to Day 1


    ****Discount applies at Day 15. $15.95/day back to Day 1