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Innovation to Drive Trucking Forward: NACPC Makes 500 New Chassis Available for Member Use

“At NACPC, we’re always looking for ways to help provide access to modern equipment,” says President, Dave Manning. “It’s about efficiency, yes – but the bottom line is increased safety and reduced cost. It’s good for our members and great for the future of trucking.”

As of February 1st, NACPC has made the following additions to their fleet of available chassis:

  • 12 x 20’ and 260 x 40’ brand new chassis added to the MCCP.
  • 20 x 20′ and 200 x 40′ brand new chassis added to the SACP.

Later this month plans are in place to add an additional 280 new chassis with the approximate distribution of:

  • 160 x 40′ to the GCCP.
  • 15 x 20′ and 50 x40′ to the SACP.
  • 40 x 20′ and 25 x 40′ to Huntsville AL, part of the MCCP where contributions and utilization are tracked separately from other MCCP locations. These additions will more than double the current contribution in Huntsville.

“We’re excited to already be showing such growth in our offering in 2016,” says Manning. “We look forward to continuing to add to our offering in various pools throughout the year.”

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