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Saluting the Nation’s Finest Drivers

One week ago in this space, we focused on how rapidly in-cab technologies and active safety systems are maturing and gaining in popularity. Many of the demonstrations and test drives that we at Transport Topics have the opportunity to participate in are nothing short of remarkable. The long-term economic benefits for truckers are clear, and the overall improvement in highway safety is obvious.

Talking about how these technologies may help transform trucking in the near future is fun. Still, we must remember not to overlook the importance of the men and women that make the industry as strong as it is today.

That is just the purpose an event such as the National Truck Driving Championships serves.

The 78th annual “Super Bowl of Safety” brought 431 of the nation’s top truckers to St. Louis to show off their amazing skills. “I’m still on cloud nine. I thought it was an outside shot to even be in the top five, much less to win,” Grand Champion Ronald Emenheiser said.

Source: Transport Topics

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