ContainerPort Group (“CPG”) was formed in 1971 to provide inland terminal and cargo transportation services to ocean carriers, shippers/receivers, and freight intermediaries. As a division of the World Group, we leverage over a half century of collective experience from our family of companies dedicated to providing cargo transportation services across the globe.

CPG is headquartered in Cleveland, OH. Our strategic network of service capabilities includes fifteen distinct geographic markets. Our primary services to the global shipping industry include intermodal container drayage, rail and terminal operations, container, chassis and trailer maintenance and repair, and container and equipment sales. Our team of over 400 employees and fleet of over 500 contracted drivers, combined with our full service product capabilities and exemplary reputation, makes CPG your complete intermodal resource.

It’s not just the business we’re in. It’s an industry we’ve helped pioneer, and a service package we continually enhance. It’s trucks, trains and ships working together.

Who are we? Well, we’re Intermodalists!