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Chicago & Ohio Valley Premium Chassis Pool

Following the successful launch of the Southeast and Gulf Premium Pools, NACPC will begin offering premium chassis product in the Ohio Valley starting January 16, 2017.


This new pool, managed by Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) on behalf of NACPC, will be domiciled at ContainerPort Group, Inc. depots in the Ohio Valley cities of Columbus, Louisville and Cincinnati. These units are new and come equipped with radial tires, LED lights and auto tire inflation systems.


“This expansion into the Ohio Valley represents NACPC’s commitment to the region and the opportunity for customers to access state-of-the-art intermodal chassis in the market — optimizing their business,” says Richard Mazur, Vice President of Sales, NACPC.


With their superior chassis solution, NACPC is the benchmark for equipment, customer service and fair pricing in the industry. Our fleet of off-dock premium chassis, the newest and safest on the market, is available using our at-cost pricing model. Customers receive quality equipment, pool management (including maintenance). Cooperative membership is open to qualified motor carriers.


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Chicago & Ohio Valley Consolidated – COCP


Information current as of 8/25/15. The above is subject to change at the discretion of the Pool. While the Pool endeavors to provide the list of Terminals in effect as of the date listed herein, the above may not reflect all changes otherwise noticed to Participants.




  • Common Facilities, as listed in the Pools’ Operations Manuals are defined as designated location(s) where the placement of a container on a pool chassis commences usage, or the return or removal of bare chassis shall terminate a User’s Usage Days. The Pool Manager arranges M&R services and stock control at these locations.
  • Non-Common Facilities are facilities where the usage continues to be applied to a User whether the chassis is bare or mounted with a container. Non-Common Facilities are listed in the Pools’ Operations Manual. The Pool Manager arranges M&R services but does not perform stock control at these locations.
  • Tracking Locations are facilities established solely for tracking purposes. Tracking locations are not drop off or pick up locations. Examples include repair shops, shipper pools, and truck yards. Chassis shown at a Tracking Location remain under the usage of the pool or the User whether bare or mounted with a container.
  • Over Flow Facilities are facilities that the Pool Manager uses to store bare chassis. The acceptance and removal of bare chassis at these facilities are at the discretion of the Pool Manager.


For Chassis Pool facilities in other regions, please view the CCM Map.