NACPC Maintains Rates & Helps Contribute to Customers’ Bottom Line 

The North American Chassis Pool Cooperative - NACPC Chassis - At-Cost Pricing

NACPC Maintains Rates & Helps Contribute to Customers’ Bottom Line 

North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC) is proud to announce that while the competition’s pricing has continued to increase several times each year for the past several years, their current pricing for Pool and Premium chassis will be maintained at current levels.

“We currently support Motor Carriers, BCOs NVOCCs and 3PLs with a superior chassis solution at lower prices than our competition,” says Dave Manning, President of NACPC. “With our objective of keeping chassis use cost competitive in the marketplace, we help drive our customer’s business forward, increasing their bottom line.”


While the Competition Increases Rates Again, NACPC Invests in Chassis & Intermodal Network

Updated rates for competing chassis providers were effective March 1, 2017 or will go into effect April 1, 2017. NACPC’s “at-cost” pricing model will remain unchanged. As the competition increases rates due to the result of higher labor costs, inventory and fleet enhancement efforts, NACPC pricing will not change.

“While maintaining our pricing model, we also continue to invest in our equipment and expanding our footprint. We are currently operating in four major pools COCP, SACP, MCCP and the GCCP. At the same time, we have Premium Pools in Savannah, Houston, Mobile and the Ohio Valley. Operations in Charleston and Detroit should be on line for use in the next few weeks,” adds Manning.


The North American Chassis Pool Cooperative - NACPC Chassis - At-Cost Pricing

Strong Partnerships Produce Great Results

NACPC is supported by a partnership with Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) which manages the NACPC chassis pool contribution. CCM was formed to address industry needs in developing a more efficient model for operating chassis. CCM is the largest cooperative pool manager in the US, overseeing some 130,000-chassis offering pool management, private fleet and chassis data management services including the NACPC chassis fleet.

“We are the back-room operations group managing a combined fleet of multiple entities and we are happy to facilitate NACPC’s growth and continued dedication to the “at-cost model,” says Jon Poelma, Chief Operating Officer of Consolidated Chassis Management.

Owned by OCEMA, CCM was formed in 2005 to help in developing a more efficient model for operation chassis. They manage 150 employees with 100 of them on the field and equipment at over 300 locations nationwide including M&R and logistics. They are committed to managing safe and reliable equipment.

“Our experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable staff ensure safe and reliable equipment is made available to the user community. We work closely with our maintenance partners, ocean carriers, railroads, marine terminals and motor carriers to ensure we are meeting their needs. Members like NACPC are free to contribute chassis into the pools and find the economies of scale in the gray model. By allowing different provision models CCM has the flexibility to meet each of its customer’s business requirements,” adds Poelma.

Carriers may obtain approval for use by signing up on the NACPC website at

Further information is available by contacting Rich Mazur at 1-877-66-NACPC, at or CCM at



The North American Chassis Pool Cooperative, or NACPC, was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing a modern fleet of chassis to users with at cost pricing. The cooperative is committed to supporting the U.S. intermodal container network with an efficient chassis inventory. Use of NACPC chassis is open to all qualified motor carriers.

Contributory “gray pools” allow users to draw any chassis from the pool regardless of ownership. The contributory pool model thus eliminates duplicative costs and maximizes the use of limited space at port and or inland intermodal locations by obviating the need for a contributor to have its own chassis storage facility. It also ensures an adequate supply of chassis for all users. The pool managers are responsible for chassis logistics, inventory supply, maintenance and repair and the repositioning of the chassis but usage arrangements are determined between the chassis contributor and its user. Contributory gray pools foster competition by allowing motor carrier users to select from more than one chassis provider. Currently, NACPC operates more than 18,000 chassis in four CCM managed pools; MCCP, COCP, GCCP & SACP.

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About CCM

Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) was formed in 2005 to address industry needs in developing a more efficient model for operating chassis. CCM is the largest cooperative pool manager in the US, overseeing over 135,000 chassis and offers pool management, private fleet and chassis data management services.

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